Tinubu Blames Persistent Insecurity in Nigeria on Inherited Security Compromises, Historical Injustices - Penangle | News Portal in Nigeria
Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
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President Bola Tinubu has attributed the lingering insecurity in Nigeria, particularly in the North West region, to inherited security compromises and historical injustices meted out to victims of conflicts.

Speaking at a two-day security and peace summit in Katsina on Monday, President Tinubu noted that the banditry and insurgency facing the country are a result of historical injustices that have torn communities apart.

“We promised to make Nigeria safer, and this aim has been our topmost priority since we came to office,” Tinubu said.

“But, I ask, how can we achieve this sacred objective if one part is afflicted? We have long established that whatever ails any part of this federation destabilizes the other. So, the issue of national security in the North-West is not a sectional agenda”, the President, who represented by Vice President Kashim Shettima, said.

“The solution we seek is a region where every trader is safe, where every group is at peace, and where the policing and military presence of the state is optimal.

“This disintegration, from cycles of clashes between herders and farmers, has ruptured the ideas of oneness upon which the North revolved. We must come together to build pragmatic solutions to our security compromises”, he added.

The Chairman of the North-West Governors’ Forum, Dikko Radda, also stressed the need for a multifaceted approach to address insecurity and promote development in the region.

“Banditry has cast a shadow over our communities,” Radda said. “It has disrupted lives, stifled economic activities, and instilled fear among our people. We cannot allow this menace to define our region.”

The UNDP representative in Nigeria, Elsie Gyekyeua Atafauh, added that the security and peace summit initiative was a vital step towards promoting development and deepening the foundation of peace in the Northern region of Nigeria.

“If Nigeria must retain the position of a giant of Africa, we must pay attention to the North-West,” Atafauh said.

The summit, organised by the North-North-West Governors Forum in collaboration with UNDP, brought together stakeholders from across the region to discuss ways to address the lingering insecurity and promote peace and development in the North-West.

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