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Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
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Oyo State Housing Corporation on Thursday met with the Bodija Estate Residents Association (BERA) and the group of club owners within the estate over noise pollution, indiscriminate car parking, menace of miscreants and prostitutes which have been bones of contention between the two parties.

It would be recalled that members of BERA last week cried out to the general public that the club owners were disturbing their peace with noise pollution, indiscriminate car parking and unnecessary loitering in and around the estate by miscreants, hoodlums and prostitutes.

BERA called on the Oyo State Government and relevant agencies, including Oyo State Housing Corporation and Oyo State Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to come to their rescue, noting that the estate was designed to be residential and not commercial as it was now turning to.

The Chairman of the Corporation, Barrister Bayo Lawal, while addressing members of BERA and club owners within the estate, stated that both parties should be able to live together in peace and tranquility while the Housing Corporation which superintends both parties must intervene and bring the two parties together for mutual understanding.

“Ordinarily this is a residential outfit, and Bodija Estate came into being in 1958 for residential purposes, but it important to observe and note that over the years, there must be changes from time to time.

In fact, the law recognizes that there must be change of use from time to time. We put that at the back of our minds when certain outfits are coming up in terms of commercial outfits, in terms of industrial outfits within Bodija Estate that produce goods and services.” He stated.

Barrister Lawal said the Corporation felt concerned when the residents complained that their peace was being disturbed especially by club operators, stressing that he got in touch with some of the outfits with a view to addressing the challenges posed from time to time based on the complaints of the residents.

He added that the club owners have been responding in terms of noise pollution and miscreants loitering around among others.

“But in the last two weeks, the matter became so strident that Bodija Estate Residents Association put it in the media, especially online media, complaining bitterly against some club operators and these complaints got the attention of higher authorities, hence this meeting is not instigated by anybody but Oyo State Housing Corporation.

“And we believe that we must have an understanding, we must have some meeting points both by the residents and commercial outfits, particularly club operators.”  The Chairman said.

The Chairman charged them to feel free to express themselves, promising that, as an authority the corporation is willing to do everything possible if there’s anything that the corporation must do to ensure that there is mutuality between the residents and commercial outfits.

He assured them that the corporation, through Oyo State Housing Law 2001, will not allow the estate to be bastardised. He reiterated that the meeting was called purposely for reconciliation of interests that appear seemingly irreconcilable.

Addressing journalists after the meeting, the chairman of BERA and the representative who spoke on behalf of club owners said the two parties have unanimously agreed to cohabit peacefully within the confine of the law.

They arrived at a 12-point resolution at the end of the meeting as read to the hearing of both parties by the Corporation’s Director of Information and Public Relations, Barrister Kunle Sanni.

The resolutions include the following:

“Oyo State Housing Corporation to investigate Club Houses/Outfits that have changed pure of use from original

Oyo State Housing Corporation will provide a design / specification upon which Hotel/Club Owners shall strengthen their culverts

Uniformed Security Guards should be provided by Club Owners with torchlights and other necessary security facilities to control traffic.

Vehicles should be made to park at the left hand side in accordance to Traffic Act

Club owners should work together to ward off insecurity/prostitutes by supporting Nigerian Police Force with necessary logistics.

Night Clubs should reduce their sound level to 45 decibel as from 10.00pm

Club Owners/Hotels should erect signposts indicating “No Lotering” “No Parking” as the case may be

In case of a visit by a VIP with convoy driving dangerously, Club Owners should dialogue with CSO/ADC on what to do.

Drugs should not be allowed to be peddled around and within premises of these outfits and should be reported to appropriate Agency

Development permit should be obtained from the Corporation before any development takes off

Violation of any of the above shill lead to sealing closing of the offensive outfit

The meeting between the Corporation, BERA and the Club Owners will be held quarterly.”

The meeting was attended by the management team of the Oyo State Housing Corporation led by the Chairman, Barrister Lawal, members of BERA and about twenty club owners.

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