NEW SERVICE CHIEFS: Pleas of a Bleeding Nation – By Ogo-Oluwa Adelakun - Penangle | News Portal in Nigeria
Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
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Some Nigerians would argue that the former service chiefs should have been fired a long time ago instead of being allowed to ceremoniously retire into new appointments as ambassadors because they did not live up to the task of defending the sovereign integrity of the Nigerian state against the fangs of mindless terrorism from without or within.

These set of people who easily cite the numerous killings, kidnappings and other horrific events to the ineptitude of the security bosses who served at the pleasure of President Buhari, are torn between rejoicing at the confirmation of the new service chiefs by the senate yesterday or worrying that the change may have arrived too little too late.

Others like the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan who hold justified grievances regarding the recent “rinse and repeat” nature of abductions and insecurity in the country, are however, happy that the new men at the helm of securing and defending the nation will do a good job at taking a fresh path in engaging threats to national security.

However we still have small pockets of people who still ask questions surrounding the legality of the extension of the tenure of the Inspector-General of police, Mohammed Adamu, questions better left for debates in our law schools.

Those who say that the problem of insecurity has eaten too deep into to the fabric of the nation and may have infact become a new booming industry benefiting some, hold such sentiment because although it is profitable to say “better late than never” or as Nigerians often say in pidgin English “atall atall na-him bad pass”, but it is in wisdom that one knows that “the early bird catches the worm” or that it is much better not to be late in addressing issues in the first place as great leaders solve big issues when small in order to avert disasters.

Do they have a point? Is the situation as bad as these people say it is?
Can the new service chiefs inspire any hope in the fight against terror ? These and many more questions should be answered by the service chiefs themselves.

The truth is the pulse of the citizenry beats for safety within the country. NIGERIANS WANT TO BE SAFE AT HOME.

Many well meaning Nigerians hope that the new service chiefs employ strategies that would bring about solid gains for the country and ultimately make terrorism a thing we all refer to in past tense.

These new service chiefs must know that they are being confirmed into office at a critical time and must understand the urgency that these times carry. Too many have died needlessly for any form of “trial and error”. They must face the issues head on with solutions to lingering problems because the prosperity of our country greatly depends on the ability to guarantee safety of lives and properties.

Whether this appointment and confirmation seems late or timed impeccably, the new service chiefs have to succeed for the sake of the country. We must see results for the change in leadership and not waste time in making changes again if they do not deliver the goods.

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