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Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
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In our evolving contemporary world, the impacts of the media cannot be overemphasised, hence the reason journalism profession can never go into extinction.
As powerful and far reaching the media is, it is still waxing stronger on daily basis and there is no limit (albeit in sight) to its evolving power.
With the advent of internet and evolution of social media, journalism welcome the birth of another arm of its genres, the New Media.
The New media, which comprises of online news platform and other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp among others, are the the new evolution in journalism which come with its own challenges.
The challenges that accompany the birth of New Media are so enormous that every Tom, Dick and Harry who has access to a smart phone and internet is now a journalist.
Every trained, professional and practising journalist always frowns at the term ‘Citizen Journalist’ because these self-acclaimed journalists have contributed more problems to the profession as there is little or no regulation of the practice. A Professor at University of Lagos once referred them as “Information Traffickers”. Whatever this means, there should be a deliberate and holistic approach to stop them.
It is only in journalism that we have untrained people who know next to nothing about journalism that call themselves citizens journalists. Although many a times, police have prosecuted fake or quack doctors or lawyers, nobody has ever called himself citizen doctor or citizen lawyer and/or act as such in the society. Why don’t we have them?
A prominent politician in Ibadan recently said new media are the most effective source of news but with over 95 percent lies in their contents. This shall continue to be so until the real professionals in journalism take over the new media and chase away the so-called citizen journalists who have almost ruined the noble profession.
The above scenario is a big challenge before the executive members of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Nigerian Press Council and other professional media bodies.

THE BIRTH is a brainchild of a trained professional journalist of  about a decade experience. It is another effort to ensure that truth remains the hallmark of journalism profession and that is evident in the slogan of, ‘…truth from pen’s perspective’. is borne out of a passionate zeal to always set the record straight and give account of happenings or events as they actually happen.
Many reliable news sources have defaulted in their bid to feed the public with only the truth because they want to be the first to break a news story thus joining the so-called citizen journalists to mislead the general public. At, the focus is solely on truth and not to break misinformation and mislead public.
As far as journalism profession is concerned, truth is sacrosanct and it shall be the hallmark of every bit of our publications. If it is not the truth, it shall not be published on our platform,
Happy reading.
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4 thoughts on “New Online Medium, Penangle, Birthed in Ibadan”
  1. It will be very good and helpful to getting the truth if you cab stick to all you said. I wish the pen more truthful ink

  2. Very refreshing to see this initiative come to birth. Hoping to read more content from you. Thanks

  3. This initiative is applaudable from seasoned journalist unlike the junk reporters… we are glad to have you. The right information is guaranteed with you. Thank you so much

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