NARD'S DEMAND: As Nigerians Celebrate Easter Amidst Doctors Strike While President Buhari Gets Medical Care Abroad — By Ogo-Oluwa Adelakun - Penangle | News Portal in Nigeria
Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
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The Easter celebration for many signifies the resuscitation or resurgence of things thought to be dead and gone. The reemergence from nothingness and the unforeseen beginning from a bitter end believed to be fatal and final. Ultimately, one can easily say that the message of Easter preaches hope even when face with the ugliest circumstances.

However, on this Easter Monday we also must recognize that hope cannot be a strategy especially with the current unfortunate strike by the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) and what some have perceived to be the negligent posture of the Federal Government at this time.

When announcements were made last week about President Muhammadu Buhari’s travel to the United Kingdom for his routine medical check-up, it really was unsurprising that it immediately sparked an outrage which lit up the curiosity in different corners of the public filled with individuals who raised questions as to why the president had to travel for a mere “checkup” and how the timing of such travel was ridiculously off because resident doctors were on the brink of a nationwide strike, one which has now entered its fifth day.

Outrage at home or uproar abroad calling for the president’s return in order to tend to issues regarding this current strike linked to the lack of a proper welfare package for doctors have yielded no results even as some say our hospitals are now ordinary buildings filled with patients who need care they cannot get because the professionals are being owed salaries.

Days ago reports circulated about how a dying new born was left for dead at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) due to the strike. This is happening while President Buhari is getting medically examined by some of the best hands money can afford courtesy of the taxpayers money and it seems oblivious to some what the impact of this current issue will have on the country.

How do we hope to keep our doctors from leaving the country if we do not plan to engage them reasonably when they have grievances about their welfare or even an issue ? How did we let it get to this?

Are we unknowingly setting a precedence that if one cannot afford to leave the country for medical care or visit private hospitals in the country, then they should be ready to welcome the kiss of death?

Should this strike continue to linger at the expense of day-to-day Nigerians or are we to hope that these doctors just return to work even with six of their seven demands still hanging in the air?

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