Libyan Futsal Player's Demise: We Sympathise, But None of Them Developed Malaria Symptoms Before Leaving Ibadan - Tournament Organizers - Penangle | News Portal in Nigeria
Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
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Following the death of Ayman Al-Nagrish, a Libyan Futsal Player whose demise was said to have been orchestrated by malaria, the organisers of 2021 Mini football African Cup of Nations held at Ilaji Hotels & Sports Resort, Ibadan, Oyo State have sympathised with the family of deceased, football team mates and Libya over the sudden loss of their kinsman.

However, the tournament organizers have in its entirety debunked the rumours and speculation of the Libyan Futsal Players’ contact with malaria in Nigeria, reiterating that none of the players developed any symptom of malaria throughout of the 2021 Mini Football Africa Cup of Nations’ tournament till they left Ibadan for Lagos.

The organizers, in the release signed and made available to newsmen, showed sympathy and emotional grief over the demise of Libyan Footballer, but were able to substantiate that none of the Libyan players nor other countries’ players had symptoms of malaria or reported similar cases while at Ilaji Hotels & Sports Resort for the tournament till the last day they departed the ancient city of Ibadan to their respective countries.

They expatiated that the Libyan Football players and coaches left Ibadan for Lagos as at the time the Muslim adherents were preparing for Ileya Festival, they had traffic gridlock on Lagos-Ibadan road where they spent 10 hours on a journey they were supposed to spend two hours.

They furthered that the long hours spent on the road, led to the miss of their booked flight which eventually culminated in search of hotel where they stayed until their departure to Libya.

They added that they might have possibly contracted malaria somewhere else but not Nigeria as the organizers of the tournament had no knowledge nor recommended where they lodged after their departure from Ibadan before they eventually left for their country.

The organizers said that no other countries that participated in the tournament except Libyan players and coaches, who were on transit, complained of infection with malaria.

Before the tournament, they said, they ensured that the environment and the rooms they lodged in were completely sanitized and prevented from mosquitoes.

While the tournament was in progress, they disclosed that the resort’s team of expert doctors was in a state of preparedness to attend to any possible calamity capable of jeopardizing the fruition of the tournament.

The organisers also said the tournament lasted between July 8- 17, 2021, won a good note and ended on a thanksgiving, while there was no record of sickness and other casualties throughout of the engagement.

They showed their sympathy over the demise of Libyan player but debunked that the player had symptoms of malaria, before, during and after the 2021 Minifootball African Cup of Nations.

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