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Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
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Federation of Muslim Women’s Association in Nigeria (FOMWAN) Oyo State Chapter, has advocated implementation of ban on open defecation as parts of efforts to ensure general well-being in the society.

The Oyo State Amirah of FOMWAN, Alhaja (Dr.) Busrah Oloso stated this in Ibadan during a press conference organised by the association as part of activities marking FOMWAN Week 2021.

Discussing the theme for this year, which is “My Community, My Pride: Promoting General Well-Being and  Stopping Open Defecation”, Dr. Oloso said FOMWAN is concerned about the inglorious report that places Nigeria as the first among countries with the prevalence of open defecation in the world.

“What informed our theme, and why did we decide as a religious body to lend our voice to the global campaign to end open defecation?”

The answer is not far fetched. A healthy people is a healthy community and a happy nation. We are concerned about the inglorious report that places Nigeria as the first among countries with the prevalence of open defecation in the world. That report was presented by UNICEF, and it added that about 47 million Nigerians practise open defecation. This really gives cause for concern.”

Dr. Oloso, who intimated journalists that FOMWAN Week is starting today the 1st of June, 2021 and will end on the 6th of June 2021, lamented that unhealthy practice of open defecation is prevalent in both rural and urban communities.

“To show the seriousness of the crisis and the problem at hand, the Nigerian President in November, 2018 declared a state of of emergency in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector.”

She highlighted some of the activities of the association while also itemising some of the programmes for the FOMWAN Week 2021.

“The Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN), a network of Women organizations in the country with core values of protecting the interest of its members and contributing to their overall health, literacy and empowerment, is taking the campaign against open defecation to our adopted communities with a view to assessing the problem in the areas, and educating the residents on the effects of indiscriminate practice of open defecation.”

“We will also be suggesting to the appropriate community heads, market leaders, elected officials and other stakeholders the need to make provision for more facilities – local and modern – for people at home and at work places to use to dispose of their faeces.”

“It is worthy of note that Islam emphasizes personal and environmental cleanliness as every time and place is for worship, a clean environment promotes good religious habits.”

“During the week long activities, we shall pay attention to the availability and types of toilets, places of defecation in our adopted communities and the number of such in the areas.”

“There is equally the vital need to know where open defecation is most rampant. Is it in market places, offices or homes? At the end of the celebration, FOMWAN will advocate for more toilets and waste bins in the places under consideration.”

While answering questions from journalists, she also used the opportunity to reveal some of the plans of FOMWAN to journalists on how to further curb the menace of open defecation in the society.

“At FOMWAN, we are going to key into this campaign and work with other socio-religious associations across the country towards ending open defecation and ultimately enhancing the well-being of Nigerians.”

“This campaign to end open defecation will surely not be a one off thing as FOMWAN is set to make it a continuous effort in all our chapters, branches and affiliates.”

“I therefore, through you, men of the press, charge the Nigerian Government at all levels, to intensify campaigns on both the conventional and the social media on the need for people to desist from the habit as it contaminates the environment and spreads diseases; it is community unfriendly and promotes un-wellness for the people.”

“Therefore, I call on corporate organizations, religious bodies, socio-cultural associations and other stakeholders to embark on an aggressive campaign and on the construction of public toilets and latrines in areas devoid of these facilities so as to reduce the harmful practice and redeem the image of our dear country in the international community of nations.”

“This is the best time for us to adopt best practice in waste disposal.”

“FOMWAN is also advocating stringent punitive measures to discourage the practice. For instance, some states have already made laws to prohibit open defecation. In line with this, we want to commend the Oyo State House of Assembly for making open defecation a punishable offence. The House in December, 2020 passed the Oyo State Open Defecation Bill, 2020 which, when assented to by Governor Seyi Makinde prescribes a fine of ₦5000 for anyone who defecated in the open in any part of the state. Also, anyone who owns a property and does not provide toilet facility within three months from the commencement of the bill, commits an offence and he/she is liable on conviction for three months imprisonment or a fine of ₦50,000 or both.”

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