CSO Demands Resignation of CCT Chairman, Wants NJC to Conduct Mental Checks Before Appointing Justices - Penangle | News Portal in Nigeria
Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
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An Abuja-based Civil Society Organisation, One Love Foundation (OLF) on Tuesday called for resignation of the Chairman of Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), Justice Danladi Umar over alleged assault of a private guard at one plaza in Abuja.

Speaking in an interview with newsmen, the Founder, OLF, Patriot Patrick Eholor explained why Justice Umar should apologize and resign for his own honour and respect for the institution.

Eholor said: “For Justice Umar, I have not met but I have heard about his good side and bad side, I think that day was probably one of his worse days, I think that public officials should respect their institutions. As the Chairman of CCT, he has a lot power in his hands.”

“Like I always say ‘If you cannot trust the messenger, you can’t trust his message’, for now he is our messenger but we can no longer trust his message again. Having said that, the poor innocent boy that was assaulted and subdued in that video that went viral was already on his knee in the presence of police officers who are supposed to be law enforcement officers descended on that boy and beat him mercilessly that is why I took the case upon myself as the President of One Love Foundation like I have always done in other cases.”

“I reached out to my lawyers and the assaulted boy’s constituency so they can read that right out on the floor of the National Assembly.”

“As a law officer that Umar is supposed to be, but now he is a law breaker. I thought Umar was a gentleman, he is to apologize to Nigerians and resign his appointment and if he doesn’t do that, we will force him to resign because it is a disservice to the nation and institution to continue to preside over any other matter.”

“I think it is a matter of interest and the world is watching us. We should set a better example and precedence for none of these things should happen in future.”

He, therefore, called on Umar to explain to the world why he decided to disrespect those Nigerians who trusted him and whom he represents.

“I also think his family has suffered some humiliation. He supposed to be a gentleman to apologize to his wife, family and friends because what he did was wrong and perhaps he can go for anger management, and with that we can rehabilitate him again, maybe in future we can still accept him back to the society but for now I think it is going to be a disservice to represent any institution”, he added.

However, the OLF boss recommended that the National Judicial Council (NJC) should conduct thorough background checks on any nominee to be appointed justice following the alleged misconduct of the CCT Chairman.

“I think there are a lot of background checks that they have been doing. For example I have dual citizenship because I am a Canadian too. I have lived in Canada for 36 years, and before a man of that status can get that position, first of all a psychologist has to come in, his mental competence has to play, his temper has to be checked, his relationship with women has to be checked, his relationship with the public has to be checked, his criminal background has to be checked. There are a lot of things to be checked that we don’t do in Nigeria.”

“Maybe if we have checked these things, his being a chairman of CCT would have denied him. I think in future Nigeria should check people’s background before giving them high responsibility in any of these institutions.”

“I don’t know whether he will like to subject himself to these thing but maybe if he excuses himself and maybe he is clean and apologize to Nigerians we can still consider him, but until he does one of those things, he shouldn’t dare go to the court to preside over any matter that concerns the affairs of this country”, he said.

On what his Foundation has done to intervene in other assaults meted out by public officers on helpless Nigerians at different times, he said, “We have come out in the media and stood by victims.”

“Like a Senator who assaulted a lady in a sex toy shop in Abuja, and we were the ones who pressurized him and he came out to apologize, and we also told his constituency to recall him.”

“One Love Foundation has also been to higher institutions to tell lecturers that you cannot demand sex for grade. We represent the interest of the ordinary men and women in this country.”

On his advice to those holding public positions over their conduct when they come in contact with other Nigerians, he said, “Those we voted for to represent our constituencies is not to go with battalion of policemen and soldiers, and also they should know they are not the best qualified or most educated, but it was by the grace of God.”

“We collectively gave our mandate to them as responsibility and they should hold it in high esteem by respecting the institution and right of those who have elected you to represent their interest.”

“Whether in the Nigeria Police Force, for example, they are very hostile to Nigerians, and the Nigerian Military who supposed to defend the sovereignty of the nation and not to beat your citizens with horse whip. The police, you should conduct yourself very well so the world can respect you and as citizens can respect you also.” He concluded.

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