BEYOND APRIL FOOL'S DAY: Like Sex Toy Senator, Like CCT Chairman — By Ogo-Oluwa Adelakun - Penangle | News Portal in Nigeria
Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
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It’s april fool’s day, a day notoriously known for its crossfire of jokes and pranks from just about anyone.

Sometimes these jokes hit the mark, other times they can be very dangerous. So here’s a simple unsolicited advice, any prank or joke today should either be sensitive of the times and reasonably executed with a masterstroke or totally jettisoned because many already feel the atmosphere is not one for banalities.

Whether on a day known for jokes such as today or an ordinary day, commonsense dictates that certain matters are off limits for jokes and in a situation where a sensitive topic is used for the punchline of a joke, it better not ridicule victims of such topic. Obvious examples are issues that bother around sexual or domestic violence amongst others.

This logic does not only apply to conversations linked to harmless or harmful jest but even in normal conversations and actions. An unspoken rule of thumb guides us not to trivialize or exhibit certain behaviours even during heated arguments. It is what is expected of decent individuals and those who occupy leadership positions in Nigeria.
However, when one compares what is ideal against societal common practices, one ends up with a truck load of disappointments.

From the very distasteful video recording of Senator Elisha Abbo assaulting a lady in a sex toy store which held the attention of Nigerians by the scruff of the neck months ago, to the recent video of the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) Danladi Umar, allegedly attacking a citizen in the premises of a popular store in abuja.

The chairman of the CCT also went further to publish a statement decorated in misspellings, where he described those who opposed him after the incident as “miscreants” and “Biafran boys”. Yes, he described persons in an official statement by a tribal slur easily linke to a certain ethnic group and it is no surprise that for the better part of yesterday his comments were condemned vehemently on social media.

The question is, would Mr. Umar face any repercussion for using such slur many feel stokes the embers of ethnic tensions at such a very sensitive time?
Or would he be treated like Mr. Elisha Abbo who got to keep his job and barely got reprimanded for assaulting a lady.

While there are those who may argue that the CCT chairman hurriedly put together his press release in anger, the question is should a person who holds such position in the judiciary have such language in his vocabulary against other Nigerians? Would those who feel Mr. Umar has certain biases against certain tribes be wrong to make such suggestions or assertions?

In a nation of laws should Mr. Umar still be the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal today ? Is this an April fool’s joke we are about to let this slide into oblivion?

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