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Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
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Former Commissioner for Health in Oyo State, Dr. Azeez Adeduntan has dumped the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and moved back to his former party, the All Progressive Congress (APC).

During the defection which came up at the Oyo State secretariat of the APC, Adeduntan said he and his supporters across the state have not benefited from the SEYI MAKINDE-led administration they worked so hard to bring into power during the last year’s general elections.

It would be recalled that the cardiovascular surgeon dumped the APC few weeks before the 2023 governorship election, citing fraudulent primaries at all levels, a situation which also happened in 2019 when the current Power Minister, Adebayo Adelabu emerged the party’s guber candidate.

“You will recall vividly that on February 23rd 2023, few weeks to the March 18th 2023 Oyo State Governorship Election, I defected with all of you to PDP from APC largely due to the fraudulent primaries of APC at all levels.

“We have now recently resolved this, so that this kind of impunity does not happen again in the future.

“We reluctantly moved to the PDP; against my personal wish and desire, with my two eyes wide open, in response to the calls from emissaries of Governor Makinde to support his second term ambition; in a highly contested election, where I myself – Azeez Adeduntan – was an APC cleared aspirant.

“I and my supporters ignored the calls not to support Makinde because of our beliefs in the admonition of almighty God, that you don’t judge people by third party information, but by your own personal interactions.

“Additionally, we were also members of PDP G7 together in 2015 – a fact not known to noise makers and beneficiaries of PDP Government at this time.

“To this end, I and my supporters defended him from Oyo State Muslim Community, who were angry with him because of his anti-Islamic behavior and perceived favoritism to Christians – moving from one media house and one mosque to the others at great cost.

“We also defended him from the onslaught of a former governor, a former deputy governor who were hell bent on not allowing him to return to the Government House for a second term because of his “character” and penchant for rewarding good with bad”.

“The same feelings above were expressed to me by two former southwest Nigeria federal ministers and multiple calls from all over the country – Adeduntan, please don’t support this man.

“We also supported financially and logistically to the fullest extent possible and unknown to PBAT himself in the presidential election, and we are grateful to almighty God that both of them won.

“We financed PDP in 2015 at that time with personal funds and vehicle donation; as the party was then in the “throes” of death, after President Jonathan’s loss to PMB.

“We supported Makinde during “political injury time” – the most important inflection point in any game or electoral process – when it was convenient for political safety to keep quiet as was done by his supporters until I spoke. They all lost their voices and “in hibernation”.

“Sadly though, we have now seen what they saw in him that Makinde does not like people with superior intellect, but MINIONS, who are servile and obedient.

“No wonder, the standard of governance in Oyo State has plummeted from ministry to ministry; and from MDA to MDA because of baseless reliance on old men he calls YOUTHS, instead of combination of youths, age, ability and experienced politicians.” Adeduntan stated.

The cardiovascular surgeon also accused Makinde of using divide and rule tactics along religious and ethnic lines, stressing that he wants to impose himself on Oyo State as a political godfather despite claiming that he doesn’t have any.

“This is a man who claims always he has no GOD FATHER, but paradoxically wants to be a GOD FATHER to a future OYO State GOVERNOR by gathering MINIONS together.

“From consultations with other political associates, in and out of OYO STATE, soon he will ostensibly start driving a wedge among the ethnic groups in OYO state-IBADAN urban, IBADAN less city, IBARAPA, OΥΟ, OGBOMOSO, Oke OGUN 1, OKE OGUN 2, in order to advance his own future national ambitions, rather than what is best for OYO STATE.

“He is a divider and not a UNITER, trying to play failed WIKE/FURBARA GAME in OYO state.

“He was the YOUTH LEADER of WIKE G5 (title bestowed on him by WIKE himself) and in taped recordings.

“Wike is an IKWERRE while FURBARA is an IJAW.

“That is the divide and rule tactics that MAKINDE is playing to consolidate power in OYO state by dividing us on the basis of religion, ethnic groups and age; and leave a UNITED PACE SETTING OYO STATE IN DISARRAY with no peace; as is happening in RIVERS state.

“Politics is about PERMANENT INTERESTS, not permanent friendships.

“MAKINDE was in ANPP in 2007 at 30 Years of age, when he was young, he lost senate contest, (“O LULE”), lost PDP primary for senate in 2011 at 34 years (“O LULE”);

“PDP primary in 2015 for GOVERNORSHIP, at 38yrs, (“O LULE”); lost SDP GOVERNORSHIP TICKET same year. (“O LULE”), but won the GOVERNORSHIP seat in 2019-sixteen years after he cut his teeth in politics through divine intervention-OYO APC implosion & YORUBA/TUNUBU bandwagon effects; at the chronological old ages of 52 years and 56 years (Nigeria longevity WHO data) respectively in 2019 and 2023 respectively.” He lamented.

When asked about the assurance of his ambition in the APC, Adeduntan put his fate and faith in the hands of God.

“In light of the above, I and my supporters are leaving PDP today unshaken in our faith in GOD, that however long our time will come in OYO State, whatever our age at that time as POWER BELONGS TO GOD and he is the only one that knows the future and 2027 with certainty.”

Present at the event we’re APC bigwigs in Oyo State including Honourable Mojeed Olaoya, Honourable Joshua Oyebamiji, Honourable Wasiu Sadare among many other APC chieftains in the state.

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